September 23, 2016


Cargo Chief was founded in 2012 to find inefficiencies in the transportation process and solve perceived capacity problems by matching companies with shipping needs with the thousands of small to mid-sized carriers who have available capacity on a daily basis. As a technology enabled freight broker, Cargo Chief leveraged its deep industry experience to design a Transportation Management System (TMS) with real world carrier needs in mind.

We believe that in order for the logistics industry to evolve, it is critical for carriers to grow and scale their businesses. With that in mind, we spent a year working with a diverse group of carriers, and identified three common barriers to growth:

1. Time constraints – Too much time is consumed managing day-to-day activities, limiting their capacity to pursue growth opportunities
2. High solution costs – Scattered vendors and expensive solutions prevent small and mid-sized carriers from implementing the key technologies that make large carriers so efficient.
3. Limited visibility – Limited access to business and operational information makes gauging productivity and asset utilization difficult, as a result revenue is often left on the table.

We created Tracks TMS to solve these issues for carriers. Our web-based software automates and simplifies the daily challenges that carriers face in getting loads delivered on time, drivers paid, and new shipments dispatched. It combines many previously disparate tools and services into a single powerful solution for managing and growing carrier businesses without the high cost.